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As a team of New York natives, a lot of our childhoods were spent  moving from place to place - which coincided with a lot of time spent in a realtors' office.  Discovering our passion for the industry early on, and Jadine Pecora has been proudly licensed as a Real Estate Salesperson for 6+ years.  Now as a licensed Real Estate Broker, her experience on and off the field and has built credibility with clients and landlords through consistency and dedication.  Now managing Pecora Group, she is focused on developing and working with other talented individuals in the real estate industry.


With high exposure and extensive experience in the NYC rental and sales markets,  we have the required skills and dedication to help you find your perfect home.  Whether you’ve lived in New York your entire life, or you are relocating here for the first time, let us be the ones to help you settle in! Please feel free to look through our reviews and testimonials, and contact us with any inquiries or questions. I look forward to helping you on your home-finding journey!  

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Our Real Estate Services

With apartments available throughout the Brooklyn and Manhattan area, let us find you your perfect new home today!

What Makes Pecora Group Different

We hold strong values in honesty, integrity, and professionalism - which we can assure alleviates the stress from my clients throughout their apartment hunt! We take pride in ensuring and maintaining consistent communication and transparency throughout the process- from the beginning to handing off your new keys!


Please reach out with any questions! 

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240 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA


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